Product Code: B20030

Paslode Pneumatic Bradder ND 70.1

For heavy-duty finishing applications that require ND Series (2.0mm, 14ga) brads choose the Paslode Pneumatic ND 70.1 Nailer.

Product Code: B20057

Paslode Pneumatic Straight Bradder Liteline C1 30

Lightweight and compact, the Paslode Pneumatic LiteLine C1 30 Bradder is engineered for precise brad placement and a perfect finish. Fine brad reduces timber splitting, ideal for very fine trim and fix-out applications.

Product Code: B20433

Paslode Pneumatic Framing Nailer F350s

The Paslode Pneumatic F350s Framing Nailer is capable of driving nails up to 90mm in length into framing lumber, and it has a no-mar tip to prevent damage to the wood.

Discountinued Models

Product Code: B20350

Paslode Pneumatic NT 65.1 T Nailer

The Paslode Pneumatic NT 65.1 is ideal for hardwood flooring and masonry fix out applications. It drives 2.2mm diameter T nails.