For tongue and groove flooring, our Paslode Pneumatic FloorMaster Stapler features mallet trigger actuation to clamp timber and accurately drive flooring staples.



  • Pneumatic technology for reliability and all weather performance
  • Corrosion resistant aluminium housing for long life
  • Additional Short Arm Handle: Allows for easy placement within enclosed or tight spots
  • Rubber Feet Support: Minimises risk of the stapler falling which may mark the surface
  • Easy Top Load Magazine: Allows for easy placement of staples
  • Ergonomically Designed with Long Handle to improve balance and comfort for periods of high use
  • Low Air Pressure Required: Reduces tool fatigue to promote long life
  • Mallet Actuation – Tool Firing Operation: Mallet clamps timber and fires tool at perfect clamping time
  • Ergonomic Rubber Hand Grip: Non-slip hand grip reduces operator fatigue
  • Timber Thickness Pads: Will fit and fix different sizes of tongue and groove timber

Previous models

Product CodeA18201
Fastener Range20 – 50mm
Operating Pressure 480 – 620kpa (70 – 90psi)
Dimensions (L x H x W)435 x 580 x 80mm
Air Consumption1.4 litres @ 550kpa
Collation Angle
Magazine Capacity80 approx
Tongue and Groove

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Fastener Charts

Staples Compatible with Paslode Pneumatic FloorMaster Stapler FS

Here’s a list of recommended fasteners to use with your Paslode Pneumatic FloorMaster Stapler FS.

Finish Head Fasteners

Product CodeLengthGaugeFinishBox QtyOuter
A1823838mm15.5 GaugeElectro Galv10005000
A1824545mm15.5 GaugeElectro Galv10005000