Some would argue that success comes down to two things: expertise and a solid team behind you. No one understands this better than Jarred Brown, owner and director of Geelong-based JB Building & Carpentry. Founded in 2009, the company works on high-end architectural and heritage projects, as well as medium density and multi-unit development.

For Jarred and his team, it’s important to prioritise quality over speed. “The projects we work on take a little bit longer just to make sure we’re providing that high quality finish, especially when you’re getting up towards those 700,000-plus build prices” he explains. “You really owe it to the client to give the best product you can.”

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A professional team needs professional tools, which is why the JB Building & Carpentry crew have chosen Paslode from the beginning. Says Jarred: “We’ve been using Paslode tools from day dot. We love everything Paslode, from framers through to fixers.”

The most recent addition to their kit is the new Paslode TrimMaster 16 Gauge Angle Bradder. “We got the all new Paslode TrimMaster around 18 months ago, so we’ve used that on all our fix-outs since then,” Jarred explains. “It’s lightweight and it’s really comfortable to use and seems to be more functional than the older angle bradder or straight bradder.”

The all-new TrimMaster: built with the tradies in mind

Trim tools have been part of the Paslode Impulse System since 1986. It’s no secret that our drive to innovate ensures our trim tools stay best in class. So, when the time came for a ground-up rebuild of the TrimMaster, it made sense to collaborate with the people using it every single day.

“We’ve been part of the Paslode innovation development team, so we were trialling the new TrimMaster in the development phase about 18 months prior to release,” Jarred explains. During the testing phase, Jarred and his team gave feedback on what was working and what needed improvement, to ensure that the TrimMaster remains the preferred trim tool on the market.

Less really is more

The result is a game-changing trim tool, with less maintenance and more reliability. In fact, regular servicing has been pushed to an impressive 60,000 shots, extending the time between scheduled maintenance by 50%.

For the JB Building & Carpentry team, it’s the small details that make the biggest impact. “One of the best features of the TrimMaster is the new head design – getting rid of the metal clip and replacing it with a plastic hatch is a lot more user friendly than its predecessor,” explains Jarred.”

The new, larger quick-release cover also allows for easier clearance of jams – not that that’s been an issue for Jarred and his crew. “We’re shooting hardwood to hardwood with no jamming nails,” he says. “It’s also got an improved line of sight when shooting.”

Other standout features include:

  • Consistent depth of drive preventing over-driving and proud nails (less need to reach for the hammer!)
  • Focused components in the nose to propel the driver blade forward to strike the lead brad head with 100% accuracy, with no slipping and no deviation, preventing bruising and delivering all the power to the nail head.
  • New nail lip and bypass follower for quick nail loading
  • A re-engineered fuel system for improved fuel delivery and consistent amount of fuel for every shot.
  • Increased fan run time and improved performance when rapid firing
  • An innovative high-temperature grease that deters contaminants while protecting the TrimMaster’s inner components extending service intervals.
  • Rubberised grip and contour body for improved handling.

The new TrimMaster is a real all-rounder, showcasing consistent power and reliability no matter what the application. “It’s one of our most favourite tools,” Jarred says. “We’ve been using the TrimMaster daily, from hanging doors through to architraves, skirting, and mouldings.”

Peter Johnston, Paslode’s Innovation and Product Development Manager adds: “This compact, light tool will keep on punching consistently all day. Builders and trim carpenters can work at speed and achieve a professional finish. It is superb.”

For more information on the Paslode TrimMaster 16 Gauge Angle Bradder and other Paslode Fastening Systems featuring the best-in-class fuel-powered cordless technology and patented fastener technology see