An incredibly steep site off the beaten track of Queenstown is just one of the challenges faced by the crew at Agger Homes building a new high-end home at Crystal Lane, Fern Hill, NZ.

Secluded from prying eyes and on a slope that would make many builders shudder, the site constraints weren’t going to stop unflappable Karlo Aggerholm and his Agger Homes team. The trade-off to this steep block is iconic Queenstown views of snow-sprinkled mountains, peaceful Lake Wakatipu and trees as far as the eye can see. The house that is taking shape under Karlo’s experienced eye is one that will stand proudly for many generations.

Queenstown Stills Vol 2 29

Another challenge faced by the crew: weather. Icy and slippery one day, muddy bog the next, and wet weather that can play havoc with power tools.

Building dream homes is never an easy task, but as Karlo knows, as long as the tools are reliable and can withstand the icy weather he can get the job done right the first time. Tools that will get the job done effectively, such as Paslode’s Impulse Framemaster, are a must.

Like all properties crafted by Agger Homes, this high-end residential new build has no expense spared. Agger is renowned for using the latest building techniques to create environmentally sustainable, energy efficient, architecturally-designed homes.

Agger has an industry-wide reputation for running a great crew with a positive, can-do attitude. And Karlo is positivity personified. The unforgiving weather, the tricky sites, the demanding slopes – none of it matters when you are making someone’s dream home a reality.

Side Tech Note

With a by-pass follower for quicker and easier loading of nails, longer fan runtime for improved cooling when rapid firing, increased performance, and new rubberised grip for improved handling and feel, the Framemaster is ideal for performing large quantities of framing, trusses and formwork.

Hear it from Karlo!

“It all pays off in the end” is Karlo’s take on the challenges of building in Queenstown

This ethos, combined with Karlo’s 20 years of experience, makes him the first choice for clients who want an impressive home that can withstand Queenstown’s environment. Using the best products is non-negotiable.

“We always use Paslode as it’s the most reliable, probably the best bang for your buck on the market.” said Karlo.”“I’ve been using Paslode tools for 22 years. They’re really durable, they’re just good guns – they’re super reliable.”

The reality is…

Without the right accessories, even the best tools won’t perform to the highest levels. Paslode nails, brads and staples are made to New Zealand and Australian Standards of durability and performance, providing full confidence to get the job done.

The Impulse Framemaster is loved by builders for its best-in-class reliability and performance. The new and improved Framemaster has 15 per cent more power than earlier models while being the lightest framing nailer on the market at just 3.3kg. The 2.2Ah lithium-ion battery drives 9,000 shots per one hour of charge time, delivering the power to drive 50-90mm nails into timber. A tool-free depth of drive adjustment gives greater flexibility for nail placement and a superior finish, while the nail lock-out bar eliminates blank tool firing to protect timber and tool condition.

The gas technology

All of Paslode’s nailers – from the newer tools to heritage models – use tried-and-tested Impulse gas technology to prolong their life and performance. Impulse-specific attachments, storage cases, fuel cells and cleaning products are available to maintain performance. See the full range of accessories here.

And in case you’re still wondering just how reliable and hard-working the nailer tools are: one of Karlo’s Paslode nail tools had performed 73,000 shots after five years and was still going strong. “That’s not too bad,” he said with a laugh.