Paslode caught up with Max Wallen in his final stint of his four-year building apprenticeship working with R M Shore Builders in South Auckland.

Soon-to-be-qualified, Max has been working on a 365m2 single storey build in Kingseat overlooking the Manukau Harbour. It is his qualifying project.

Max Ppn Master

“It is quite the spectacle. All vertical cladding with a little plaster around the living area. It is quite a large build and there’s only a small team of three of us on site at the moment. We have been doing a lot of rafters. It has a really high ceiling.”

Three weeks ago, the crew got hold of the new Paslode PPN-Master. Just in time to start the CPC-40s, roof brace strapping and straps from lintels to top plates, and a few joist hangers and multi grips.

Max says he wishes he’d had the PPN-Master in earlier jobs. “It just made everything so much faster, and I didn’t have to worry about hitting my fingers at all or holding any nails. It was nice. It was just load it up and shoot.”

“It is super easy to use, super quick and saved a bunch of time.”

The PPN-Master made a huge difference. It’s meant one person hasn’t had to waste hours on just doing hardware.

Max says all the hardware took two hours, a job that would usually take at least half a day.

“The boss tried it out on a joist hanger and multi grip. He likes it. He was stoked with how fast it was.”

It is the first time Max has picked up a tool like this and he’s impressed with how quickly he got the job done “and done well!”

Once qualified, Max is looking forward to staying on with the boss and shouldering more responsibility.

And he’s loving the building trade.

“You can’t beat it on a good day. Outside in the sunshine, music, with a bunch of good people around you.”

He enjoys seeing the progress throughout the job. “If you are lucky enough to do what I do, which is start-to-finish housing from the ground up, when you get to the end you see what you’ve accomplished, and it feels pretty good.”

That progress feels even better with the PPN-Master and given the choice of hand hammering or using the PPN-Master. Max says he would grab hold of the Paslode tool every day of the week.

If you’d like to book a tool demo to test the yourself all the features of the 2023 Paslode PPN-Master™, please get in touch!