Introducing the all-new PASLODE PPN-MASTER™ — the fastest most convenient way to install metal connectors. Strap bracing, I-joist hangers and multigrips become a breeze with the all-new Positive Placement Nailer from Paslode.

Now, gone for good is the tedious job of hand-hammering and screwing metal connectors to meet installation guidelines.

This innovative cordless impulse system (more here is just — Bang. Done. Perfect nail placement guaranteed. For builders striving for an unrivalled reputation as a pinnacle of industry, Paslode’s PPN delivers the topmost attention to detail.

For quality time after time, the buck stops with this tool. And for builders bearing the scrutiny of multi-layered inspection, there’s absolute peace of mind. It’s exceptionally good.

With the new PPN on hand, even the newest apprentice will deliver a consistent top-quality install swiftly and with ease. There’s no need to check, check, check.

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The secret is the tool’s exposed nose tip. The probe eases into the metal connector guide holes pin-pointing accurate placement every time. There’s excellent line of sight with a clear view down the contoured body from back to tip and its enhanced nail control ensures consistent drive and depth. All that’s left to do is pull the trigger.

The PPN is another well-balanced, lightweight cordless tool that is no fuss when manoeuvring up ladders and between joists and trusses. On multistorey builds this tool is unsurpassed and its sleek body is easy to angle comfortably into any niggly spaces. When at rest, it is never out of reach thanks to the convenient belt and rafter hooks.

And it’s fast. Paslode’s PPN saves hours on the job. It is up to three times faster than traditional hand hammering and its long fan run cycle keeps it cool when the tool is put through its paces. Speed, accuracy, and convenience. All these things combine to bring a previously unseen enthusiasm for installing connectors on the worksite. Crews will be lining up to get their hands on this innovation. Apprentices will be freed up to move to other jobs on site. There’ll be less fatigue and less down time from injuries. And builders can eliminate the worry of rework and missed deadlines with the real possibility of getting ahead of schedule.

The ultimate time-saving advantage

Peter Johnston, Paslode’s Innovation and Product Development Manager says Paslode’s new Positive Placement Nailer is the ultimate time-saving advantage.

“When it comes to fixing joist hangers, strap bracing and other metal connectors, this is the best tool for the job. Builders can depend on the PPN to get the best possible results, easily and consistently and with absolute confidence. This tool is not just best in class – it’s in a class of its own.”


There’s a 35mm Round Head Product Nail in both mechanically-galvanised and steel finish for day-to-day applications, as well as a 40mm nail designed specifically for I-Joists and joist hangers found in the more commercial and multistorey builds. Both come in nail fuel packs of 1,600 quantity.

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