Queenstown builder, Matt Lucas, had one month in the good company of the PPN-Master™ before we caught up with him to grab his first impressions of the new tool.

“We have a pretty big build going on at the moment. The PPN-Master arrived at the right time.”

Ppn 906119 Matt Lucas Building

Matt’s crew are a high energy team who love doing complex builds in stunning locations, then heading out to get in as much skiing, snowboarding, and surfing that the local surroundings will offer.

Right below The Remarkables, Matt and the team have been punching 5000 product nails into the double storey 350m2 high-end, timber framed architectural build.

“We absolutely smashed it!”

“We had framed it all up and we were just ready to install all the hardware and fixing. The PPN-Master was perfect for that.”

In Queenstown, many roofs are quite steep at 30-40 degrees which means builders can be in an awkward position for a long time nailing on strap bracing. PPN-Master in hand,  Matt enjoyed working with speed and ease.

“We put those strap bracings on, per strap, in a couple of minutes. With the PNN-Master being so quick, we don’t need to be standing in an uncomfortable position while we work.”

All the guys used the new tool, with Matt and one of the apprentices giving it the biggest hit helping the whole crew speed through the job with a great finish.

“We split it up between us. We would have put 5000 nails into it – so heaps of time saved.”

“Because it has the spiky bit on the nose that lines up the hole you can’t really mess it up. It is handy for that. As far as quality goes, with installing brackets and stuff, the nose tip lines the nail up and takes away any user error.”

“We had the framing inspection last week and it passed. They are happy with everything which is good. We used the PPN for absolutely everything. It’s insane.”

Another thing Matt noticed was he wasn’t carrying a heavy tool belt full of screws. It is also slightly smaller and lighter than the FrameMaster, their most used tool on site, and has a slightly different hook system which he says takes a bit of getting used to after spending so much time with the Paslode framer.

Overall first impressions? “Yeah it is unreal. Really good. Like any tool that is a time saver, I’m all for it.”

And time savings and a quality job – is good business sense and means more time to head up the mountain or over to the coast to catch some waves.

If you’d like to book a tool demo to test the yourself all the features of the 2023 Paslode PPN-Master™, please get in touch!