In a major boost for the building industry, Paslode has improved the performance of the gas fuel cell used in its ergonomically friendly Impulse Framemaster Powervent to give the framing tool far greater power.

Graeme Young – new product development engineer for ITW Construction Asia Pacific Residential Division, of which Paslode is part – says the new development has meant the Powervent tool/fuel cell combination now has 14 per cent more power than before, giving the tool a significant advantage over its competitors.

“The fuel cell has been designed specifically for the Powervent, which can now deliver up to 105 joules of power depending on such operating factors as air temperature, height above seal level and tool service conditions,” he said.

“However, the improved power plus fuel mix formula enables reliable and consistent operation in extreme climate conditions – from -10° to 49°C – and assists with tool lubrication for less servicing.”

Paslode fuel cells have a long shelf life with the inbuilt design and metering valve system enabling the product to be stored for about 27 months.

“This means resellers don’t have to worry about slow moving products and can be confident whenever the fuel cells are sold they still have sufficient fuel to fire a box of nails,” Mr Young said.

Each fuel cell, which comes with two twist and lock on caps to fit all framing nailers, is designed to fire 1250-1300 nails. Three fuel cells are included with each carton of 3000 nails.

“Obviously, each time a carton is finished there is gas left over so, about every fifth box, operators should purchase a carton of nails without fuel cells (designed for Paslode pneumatic tools) to use up the extra gas,” Mr Young said.  

Another advantage of the Powervent is its long-life lithium ion battery, which can fire up to 9000 nails (or three cartons) before it needs recharging.