Dahlsens Trade Lakes Entrance were hosts for a Paslode Tool Cleaning Cleaning Clinic and Trade BBQ.

Paslode’s very own Jacquie showed participants how to check and maintain their Impulse tools“It was a great opportunity to bring our rural customers together, show them how to check and maintain their Impulse tools and enjoy a BBQ.”Paslode supplied each participant with Paslode oil, degreaser and a drip tray. Each participant followed instructions to remove batteries, fuel cells and nails from their Impulse FrameMaster nail gun.

Jacquie explained how the tool works and why it is important to do regular maintenance. There were a few laughs when everyone attempted to dismantle their tool for the first time. Some had never done this themselves before.

Proper care ensures the FrameMaster is safe to use and operates at its best. Each participant completed the demonstration and continued to clean their bradders as well. Jacqui left the participants with a simple piece of advice: “I recommend to register your tools via the Paslode website and check your tools on a regular basis to ensure safe operation”.

Trade BBQ breakfasts are available through your local Paslode dealer.