For a few weeks in October, Housing had the pleasure of testing Paslode’s new IM90i, a fuel injection nailing system. It was a pleasure because there is no denying the advantage of simply opening the familiar orange case, slipping the battery into place and firing some substantial (up to 90mm x 3.15 diameter) nails into place.

Compare this with having to set up and start up your compressor, connect the hoses, (will it reach, where will I put the compressor, etc.), wait for sufficient Kpa, and then have a go the pneumatic way. Of course, Paslode guns have been around for a while, but the new IM90i shows that the Paslode people have not been resting on their laurels.

The IM90i boasts a number of innovative additions in design to help further guarantee that performance. Paslode claims an increase of 30 per cent in power. This was difficult to test, but the gun did fire 75mm x 3.06 nails unfailingly into anything offered up to it, i.e. recycled, truly dry, Class 1 hardwood, up to pine – it made no difference.

There are plenty of other good things about this nail gun. Generally when finishing with a gun, one procedure is to dislodge the battery so it will not unnecessarily discharge in the case. This has its drawbacks but is now no longer a problem with this gun. Paslode’s guns now have what amounts to an on/off setting for the battery.

Skew-nailing is easier, thanks to a work contact element that just hangs on. Depth adjusting is tool-free, easy, and it works fine. Paslode claims increased user comfort due to the fact According to Paslode, its latest offering is the most powerful gas powered framing nailer in the world.

Housing tested the claim. guns with guts Power Tools Feature The new IM90i shows that the Paslode people have not been resting on their laurels that the gravity position is located at the trigger. Well, it helps if you have strong wrists (weight 3.7kg). The fuel cell loads easily and removes just as easily with an eject button. Some of the other features are hard to check. Paslode claims an operating temperature range of –15˚C to 49˚C. I am going to have to take their word for it. They also claim an increased nail/fuel cell ratio – at least 1250 shots per fuel cell.

When you buy a fastener pack they contain 2500 nails and, yes, they give two fuel cells with it. The nails are paper-collated and at an angle (34˚), and come in three different coatings/finishes: bright, hot dip galvanised, and mechanically galvanised – all with diamond points. The new battery is claimed to be good for about 4000 firings per charge. That means that if you were to fire the gun three times in each and every minute it will go for more than 20 hours. Try and cram that into an eighthour working day! It can also be charged from your cigarette lighter as you drive to your next job. And before you can load another strip of nails you need to wait until the gun ‘lets you’, which is when it is almost empty. Normally a bit of a worry when you want to climb onto a roof, but this gun’s optional double-length magazine allows you to have two strips of nails.

There is even a large carry case which will hold both double and standard length magazines. Paslodes have always required a good deal of maintenance for optimum performance. This is not too difficult a task and is now helped by inbuilt indicator lights which will give you info about the battery and maintenance state of the gun. Still, I think I would stick with my trusted routine and give it a bit of a ‘tune-up’ before placing a heavy demand on it. For a gun that big, it doesn’t kick much – no doubt due to the innovative lowpressure actuation. This helps – strong wrists or no strong wrists. Of course, there is a hook so you can hang it off things. Jams were easily cleared. Safety has not been forgotten, and the gun has sequential actuation, i.e. you need to go through a cycle before it fires. The instruction booklet is innovative and easy to follow, with step-by-step procedures explained in pictures only. Ultimately, a well-maintained Paslode IM90i will make anyone who needs to drive longer type nails a happy person. The things are just so convenient – grab it off the back of the ute and ‘bang!’, the job’s done.

 The IM90i boasts a number of innovative additions in design to help guarantee performance The new Paslode IM90i has the power of a pneumatic tool with the flexibility of an impulse tool. And, according to Paslode, the IM90i provides 30 per cent more power than any other gas powered framing nailer available. Other features include: • Electronic fuel injection that measures the ambient temperature and adjusts the fuel dosage accordingly