Duo-Fast Pneumatic CNP 65.1 Coil Nailer

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Key Benefits & Features

  • Pneumatic technology for reliability and all weather performance
  • Corrosion resistant aluminium housing for long life
  • Adjustable depth of drive to provide flexibility for nail placement.
  • Nail lock out bar eliminates blank tool ring to protect timber and tool
  • Engineered skew nailing teeth placement helps grip timber
  • By-pass nail follower for easy and fast re-loading
  • Sequential and bump fire mode
  • Ergonomic design with non-slip hand grip to improve comfort and safety
  • Belt and rafter hook for convenience
  • No Mar Tips prevents damage to timber


Product Code D40030
Weight 2.3kg
Dimensions (L x H x W) 320 x 318 x 146mm
Fastener Range 32 - 65mm
Magazine Capacity 300 approx
Operating Pressure 550 - 830kpa (80 - 120psi)
Air Consumption 2.5 litres @ 690kpa
Collation Angle










Nails Compatible with Pneumatic CNP 65.1 Coil Nailer


Product CodeLengthDiameterHeadShank TypeFinishBox Qty
D40360 32mm 2.1mm Round Ring Bright 3600
D40810 32mm 2.3mm Round Screw Hardened E/Galv 3600
D41060 32mm 2.5mm Round Screw Hardened M/Galv 3600
D41810 32mm 2.7mm Round Smooth Hot Dipped Galv 3600
D42360 Conical Point 40mm 2.6mm Round Screw Hardened M/Galv 1800
D41210 45mm 2.5mm Round Smooth Hot Dipped Galv 1800
D41260 45mm 2.5mm Round Ring Hot Dipped Galv 1800
D40900 50mm 2.3mm Round Screw Bright 9000
D40950 50mm 2.3mm Round Ring Bright 9000
D41460 50mm 2.5mm Round Smooth Hot Dipped Galv 1800
D41510 50mm 2.5mm Round Ring Hot Dipped Galv 1800
D41580 50mm 2.5mm Round Ring Stainless Steel 1800
D41600 50mm 2.5mm Round Screw Stainless Steel 1800
D42300 52mm 2.5mm Dome Ring Hot Dipped Galv 1800
D42325 52mm 2.5mm Dome Screw Hot Dipped Galv 1800
D42220 52mm 2.5mm Dome Ring Stainless Steel 1800
D42250 52mm 2.5mm Dome Screw Stainless Steel 1800
D41760 60mm 2.5mm Round Smooth Hot Dipped Galv 1800
D41900 60mm 2.7mm Round Ring Bright 7200
D41950 60mm 2.7mm Round Screw Bright 7200