Fastener Charts

Brads Compatible with Angled TrimMaster™

Brad and Fuel Packs – C Series (16ga)

Product CodeLengthBrad (Gauge)HeadFinishFuel CellsBox Qty
B2073232mmAngled(16ga)LostZinc Plated22000
B2073838mmAngled(16ga)LostZinc Plated22000
B2078038mmAngled(16ga)LostStainless Steel22000
B2074545mmAngled(16ga)LostZinc Plated22000
B2075050mmAngled(16ga)LostZinc Plated22000
B2078550mmAngled(16ga)LostStainless Steel22000
B2076563mmAngled(16ga)LostZinc Plated22000
Brads Compatible with Straight TrimMaster™

Brad and Fuel Packs – STEEL FRAME BRAD

Product CodeLengthDiameterHeadFinishFuel CellsBox Qty
B2063838mm1.7mmNDZinc Plated22000
B2164545mm1.7mmNDZinc Plated22000

Brad and Fuel Packs – C Series (16ga)

Product CodeLengthBrad (Gauge)HeadFinishFuel CellsBox Qty
B2062325mmC series(16ga)LostZinc Plated33000
B2065025mmC series(16ga)LostStainless Steel22000
B2062532mmC series(16ga)LostZinc Plated33000
B2062738mmC series(16ga)LostZinc Plated33000
B2065438mmC series(16ga)LostStainless Steel22000
B2062945mmC series(16ga)LostZinc Plated33000
B2063050mmC series(16ga)LostZinc Plated33000
B2065750mmC series(16ga)LostStainless Steel22000
B2063265mmC series(16ga)LostZinc Plated33000

Brad and Fuel Packs – ND Series (14ga)

Product CodeLengthBrad (Gauge)HeadFinishFuel CellsBox Qty
B2064030mmND Series(14ga)LostZinc Plated22000
B2064138mmND Series(14ga)LostZinc Plated22000
B2066038mmND Series(14ga)LostStainless Steel22000
B2064245mmND Series(14ga)LostZinc Plated22000
B2064350mmND Series(14ga)LostZinc Plated22000
B2066550mmND Series(14ga)LostStainless Steel22000
B2064562mmND Series(14ga)LostZinc Plated22000
Brads Compatible with Paslode IM200-Li C1 Bradder

Brad and Fuel Packs – C1 Series (18ga)

Product CodeLengthBrad (Gauge)HeadFinishFuel CellsBox Qty
B2081025mmC1 Series (18ga)LostZinc Plated22000
B2081532mmC1 Series (18ga)LostZinc Plated22000
B2082038mmC1 Series (18ga)LostZinc Plated22000
B2082550mmC1 Series (18ga)LostZinc Plated22000
Brads Compatible with Pneumatic DA 65.1 Angled Bradder


Product CodeLengthBrad (Gauge)HeadFinishBox QtyOuter
B2018525mmDA 13 Series (15ga)Clip HeadE-Galv300012000
B2017032mmDA 15 Series (15ga)Clip HeadBright300012000
B2018832mmDA 15 Series (15ga)Clip HeadE-Galv300012000
B2017338mmDA 17 Series (15ga)Clip HeadBright300012000
B2019138mmDA 17 Series (15ga)Clip HeadE-Galv300012000
B2017645mmDA 19 Series (15ga)Clip HeadBright300012000
B2019445mmDA 19 Series (15ga)Clip HeadE-Galv300012000
B2017950mmDA 21 Series (15ga)Clip HeadBright300012000
B2019750mmDA 21 Series (15ga)Clip HeadE-Galv300012000
B2018265mmDA 25 Series (15ga)Clip HeadBright300012000
B2020065mmDA 25 Series (15ga)Clip HeadE-Galv300012000
Brads Compatible with Pneumatic T250S F16 C Series Bradder


Product CodeLengthBrad (Gauge)HeadFinishBox QtyOuter
B2022525mmC Series (16ga)LostZinc Plated300045000
B2028025mmC Series (16ga)LostStainless steel200012000
B2023232mmC Series (16ga)LostZinc Plated300036000
B2023838mmC Series (16ga)LostZinc Plated300027000
B2028538mmC Series (16ga)LostStainless steel200012000
B2024545mmC Series (16ga)LostZinc Plated300027000
B2025050mmC Series (16ga)LostZinc Plated300018000
B2029050mmC Series (16ga)LostStainless steel20008000
B2026565mmC Series (16ga)LostZinc Plated300018000
Brads Compatible with Pneumatic LiteLine C1 30 Straight Bradder


Product CodeLengthBrad (Gauge)HeadFinishBox Qty
B2007525mmC1 Series (18ga)LostZinc Plated75000
B2009425mmC1 Series (18ga)LostStainless steel12000
B2007730mmC1 Series (18ga)LostZinc Plated75000
B2009630mmC1 Series (18ga)LostStainless steel12000
Brads Compatible with Pneumatic LiteLine C1 50 Straight Bradder


Product CodeLengthBrad (Gauge)HeadFinishBox Qty
B2007525mmC1 Series (18ga)LostZinc Plated75000
B2009425mmC1 Series (18ga)LostStainless steel12000
B2007730mmC1 Series (18ga)LostZinc Plated75000
B2009630mmC1 Series (18ga)LostStainless steel12000
B2008140mmC1 Series (18ga)LostZinc Plated50000
B2008345mmC1 Series (18ga)LostZinc Plated50000
B2008550mmC1 Series (18ga)LostZinc Plated45000


Head types
Brad Head Types Lost Head

Lost Head
Most common head type where a hidden fix is required, offers moderate pull through resistance

Brad Head Type Clip Head

Clip Head
Tight collation with improved pull through resistance

Shank Types
Brad Shank Type Smooth Square

Smooth Square
The most common brad shank, provides excellent holding power in most timber applications and reduces splitting

Nail Shank Type Smooth

Smooth Rounded
Provides excellent holding power in most timber applications

Point Types
Brad Point Type Chisel

Requires the greatest driving power but almost eliminates timber splitting

Nail Point Type Blunt Chisel

Blunt Chisel
Used in DA brads, almost eliminates timber splitting however not suitable for clinching applications

Collation Types
  • Glue/Adhesive

Coatings / Finishes

FinishOther NamesDescriptionClass
BrightBright SteelUn-plated, bright iron with no corrosion protective coating.1
CopperCopper FlashThin copper coating generally used for the protection of bright steel staples.1
Zinc PlatedE/GalvZinc Plated uses electrolysis to draw zinc and chromate onto the surface of bright steel. The result is a thin galvanised layer with a smooth finish, typically up to 10μm (microns).2
Mechanical GalvanisedM/GalvNails are coated with zinc by peening powdered forms of the desired coating onto the surface of the nails.2
Galvanised     –Similar to Hot Dipped Galvanising, the zinc coating is applied by immersing a solid continuous wire feed in molten zinc.3
Armor Galv     –A corrosion resistant zinc/iron alloy coating with a uniform thickness of 40μm microns. Armor Galv nails are suitable for exterior applications where a traditional HDG or M/Galv fastener is specified.3
Hot Dipped GalvanisedHDGNails are dipped into hot melted zinc until a surface layer of minimum 50μm of zinc has been created. The thickness of the zinc layer varies from minimum 50μm to typically around 80μm.3
Stainless SteelSSManufactured from stainless steel wire providing extreme corrosion resistance.4
Polymer CoatedDip CoatedA functional resin or glue coating is applied to the nail shank to reduce the required nailing power and also to increase the withdrawal resistance of the nail.    – 
Corrosion Resistance Classes

The Australian Standard for fastener performance (AS3566) was introduced in 1988, amended in 1990 and ratified in 2002. It currently lists four classes of corrosion resistance.

  • Class 1   For general interior use where corrosion resistance is of minor importance
  • Class 2   For general interior use where significant levels of condensation occur
  • Class 3   For general exterior applications including treated timbers (not suitable for external coastal regions)
  • Class 4   For external use in marine and moderately severe corrosive environments, generally within 1km from marine surf, although topography and/or strong prevailing winds may extend this distance
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