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Impulse Oil

Applications: All Impulse Tools

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Applications: all Paslode Impulse & Pneumatic tools

Product Specifications

For all product specs related to the Paslode Degreaser and Impulse Oil, please refer to the documents below.

Impulse Oil Features

  • Improve speed & performance
    Paslode’s Lubricating Oil CORDLESS has been designed specifically for cordless Paslode Impulse tools to improve the speed and power performance at high temperatures.
  • Easy to use bottle
    Available in a convenient 4Fl oz bottle.
  • Oil protection technology
    Formulated to break down acidic contaminants, varnish and rust, the Paslode Impulse Oil Protection Technology protects damage to O-rings, rubber seals, high gas ignition temperature and low temperature operation for increased performance and reduction in service repair costs.
Product Size (WxHxD) 41 x 124 x 41mm

Degreaser Features

  • High Performance Cleaner Degreaser
    Designed for use with genuine Paslode Impulse and Pneumatic tools
  • Superior Chemical Performance
    Removes grease, oil, dirt, carbon, acid and wax deposits
  • Quick Drying Formula
    Leaves no residue
    Clean finish on all surface
    Reduces tool down time
    Does not damage plastic components in tool body
  • Protects Electronic Parts
    Will not harm electrical components
  • Protects Against Damage to O-Rings and Rubber Seals
    Increases tool performance and reliability
    Reduces service repair costs
  • 350g Aerosol Dispenser (Can)
    Convenient size
    Lasts for up to three tool cleaning procedures

CAUTION: Flammable. Read all safety instructions.

Product Size (WxHxD) 66 x 240 x 66mm
Quantity Per Pack (Aerosol Cans)12
Minimum Order Quantity1 case (12 cans per case)
Typical DosageApplication is spray atomization.
Spray, wait 30 seconds, re-spray to clean off deposits
Specific Gravity0.7
Boiling Range98°C
Flash Point-8°C