We’ve been in the nail gun business for 35 years, so we know a thing or two about the importance of quality tools to help you get the job done. If you’re working on a project that requires a lot of driving-in nails, you need a tool that’ll get the job done quickly and effectively. All of our nail guns are made to the highest standards, each with features that appeal for different worksites, tasks, and operational preferences.           

Here are our top tools for tradies.

For the lightest Framer that packs the biggest punch: FrameMaster-Li Powervent 

The next gen of the FrameMaster is the lightest framer on the market, at only 3.3 kgs, the FrameMaster-Li Powervent makes light work of any framing job. A new by-pass follower allows for quicker and easier loading of nails, while the longer fan runtime means improved cooling and performance when rapid firing. New slip-proof grip for improved handling and feel, plus tool-free depth of drive adjustment gives greater flexibility for 50-90mm nail placement and a superior finish. A good one for eaves, cladding, rafters, joints, roofing and more.

Framemaster 1

For cordless convenience: CoilMaster IM50S

The Impulse CoilMaster is a firm tradie favourite for several reasons. This gun is a game-changer, doing away with compressors and hoses for a pick-up-and-go nail gun option, which maximises convenience and safety, making this tool a great choice if you do a lot of roof work. Its ergonomic design with non-slip grip improves comfort and safety in use and has a belt and rafter hook for convenience. The CoilMaster can be used with 27-50mm nails for a variety of applications including cladding, fencing, cement tile underlay, plywood, and metal connectors – a solid multi-tasker.


For application efficiency: Impulse TrimMaster-Li 14GA & 16GA Straight Bradder

If you need a gun for a wide range of applications, including interior and exterior finishing, wall cabinets, panelling or architraves, the Straight Bradder is a versatile choice. It shoots 16ga (25-65mm) or 14ga (30-62mm) brads with a quick swap of the front plates. The lithium-ion battery drives an impressive 9,000 shots per one hour of charge time so you can get the job done faster.


For comfort and ease in tight spaces – TrimMaster-Li 16GA Angled Bradder

Built with the same battery power as its Straight Bradder sibling, the TrimMaster Angled Bradder boasts the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, weighing in at just 2 kilograms. The ergonomic design with non-slip hand grip, coupled with the angled magazine, means comfortable prolonged use and easier reach in tight or sloped spaces.


Maximise your Paslode tool’s performance

Our Paslode nail guns utilises the benefits of tried-and-tested Impulse gas technology to prolong their life and performance. To use our tools at their maximum level it’s also important to couple them with appropriate nails and accessories for the job. Paslode nails, brads and staples are made with the strictest quality control systems, to Australian Standards of durability and performance. We also manufacture a range of Impulse-specific attachments, storage cases, fuel cells and cleaning products to maintain performance with every use. You can check out our full range of accessories here.

Find out more about our Paslode range here.