Jobsite Radio and Charger

The new Paslode Jobsite Radio and Charger has everything you need to keep you rocking out on site; AM/FM/DAB, Auxiliary input, Bluetooth, 2.1 Amp USB charger, dual powered by Paslode Li-Ion batteries or 240 Volt and a built in dual battery charger.


It's jobsite tough, lightweight, portable, dust and water resistant with a IP56 rating.


The Paslode Jobsite Radio and Charger is only available for sale in Australia.


Key Features

  • Digital Radio, AM/FM, AUX and Bluetooth

  • Powered by Paslode Li-Ion Batteries or 240Volt

  • Charges 2 Paslode Li-Ion Batteries

  • 1 USB 2.1 Amp device charger

  • Dust and Water Resistent (IP56)

  • Lightweight and Portable



Product Code B50000
Weight 2.95kg (incl charger / excl batteries)
Dimensions ( W x D x H) 190mm x 190mm x 278mm
IP Rating 56
USB Ports USB Ports 1 x 2.1Amp
Bluetooth up to 20m
Presets 10
AUX Cord Included Yes 1m
Colour Screen Yes
Power Voltage - 9VDC / 2.5Ah cord length = 1700mm
Run Time Batt 1 = 10hrs, Batt 2 = 10hrs Total = 20hrs
Charge Time Batt 1 = 3hrs, Batt 2 = 3hrs Total = 3hrs
parallel charging system

AM 504-1710khz
FM 87.5-108mhz
DAB 174-240mhz

Sound 10w