BCM Tool Test gives Impulse Framemaster-Li Powervent 5 stars

Their well-built, robust designs have helped build hundreds, thousands, even millions of homes worldwide, and have proven their worth over and over.

With the introduction of gasless, battery operated guns from a few competitor brands you would wonder if Paslode would be making the switch soon. But take a look at some of the pros and cons of the battery-only systems and the Paslode system is still well ahead of the game.

One of the main and obvious reasons is the weight. The Paslode FrameMaster Li PowerVent is more than 1kg lighter than the battery-only competitors. The extra effort, exertion and wear on your arms and shoulders over the course of a day/week/month/year is substantial especially when hanging it from your tool belt. The impact this can have on your back also needs to be factored in. I’m a firm believer in the principle of working smarter not harder. Keeping that in mind I will opt for the lighter option every time.

Another way to think about it is, if you are firing 1000 nails per day, which isn’t hard to do if you are using the gun all day, at days end that extra 1kg of weight means you have lifted an additional 1 tonne of weight that day alone for no good reason at all. Think about that and the effect on your shoulder over a year or a work career. The power-to-weight ratio is probably the biggest seller to me and a pretty important one.

Next on my list of priorities when comparing apples to apples is nail driving performance into hardwood/ LVL. Again, the Paslode is a clear winner in this department. The nails driven in battery-only systems usually require a bit of a love tap with the hammer to get flush with the timber. This doesn’t sound like much but if you consider the time needed to repeat this over the course of a job or year, you would be looking at substantial amounts of unnecessary wasted time eating into your profits.

The third main pro is the Paslode’s compactness compared with the battery-only models. The FrameMaster Li PowerVent is a gas cell and 2.2Ah lithium-ion battery system that with a single one-hour battery charge, enabling shots of around 9000 nails and even up to 1000 on a few minutes of charge, and all with plenty of punch! That is 15 per cent more than previous models to be exact with the PowerVent technology. You’ll be driving 50-90mm nails into hardwoods and LVL with ease.

The tool-free depth of nail drive is definitely a good feature of the FrameMaster. An easy squeeze and you can adjust the drive of the gun to sink nails deeper or flusher quicker than ever

The on/off position of the battery is a very handy feature and eliminates the battery falling out when you pull the battery out to save charge or to stop complete discharge when packing away
for the day.

Reliability of the Paslode system is worth giving a mention. Like all tools they do need to be serviced from time to time but their drive system is a lot simpler in its delivery, with only one main moving part to fire a nail as opposed to the complexity of springs, gears and electric motors required to fire a battery only system. As we all know, the more moving complexed components, the greater potential for breakdowns and repairs down the road.

The FrameMaster Li PowerVent is still sitting on its throne and is yet to be challenged in terms of performance, weight and reliability.


BALANCE Well balanced tool, lightweight and compact. 5
DESIGN User-friendly design, everything you need is easy to reach. 5
ERGONOMICS Handle is durable and very comfortable on long periods of use, non-slip handle grip for improved comfort and safety. 5
SPEEDS Fast, powerful nailing. 4.5
RATED POWER Lithium-ion battery, fuel cell. 5
NAIL CAPACITY 52 nails approximately. 4.5
RECHARGE TIME Fast... can get a heap of nails out of a two-minute charge or up to 9000 on full charge. 5
WEIGHT 3.3kg (much lighter) 5
EASE OF OPERATION Very easy to set up and use, easy-to-adjust depth. 5
ACCESSORIES Charger, battery, Allen Key, safety glasses, robust case.  
OVERALL LIKES Compact, light, power-to-weight ratio much better than battery-only systems. Heaps of power into hardwood.  
OVERALL DISLIKES Makes my one look old.  
OVERALL STAR RATING Still the King and framing master 5